To The

VA Mastermind Program

Here are your next steps…

Check your email for program materials a week prior to our start date

You will receive materials via email. Feel free to look through the material, watch any videos, and start asking questions. 

Here is the link to our private group.

This group is where all materials will be loaded including  videos, worksheets, links to zoom calls, and where you can ask questions that I will answer. 

You will receive weekly materials via email as well but ALL materials will be loaded in the group for easy finding. 


*IMPORTANT* Until the end of the Mastermind the group will focus solely on weekly assignments and questions relating to those assignments. There will be plenty of opportunity for questions in specific posts. 


If you feel that you need an area for more conversation please go to our FREE Business From Home Mom Group. That group is for general conversation and light training, discussion on how to acclimate as a home worker, and fun connection type posts. 


Once the Mastermind is complete I will turn the group over to the members of the Mastermind so that you can continue to help each other out (I’ll be around too) and continue to build a relationship.