VA Mastermind Program

You know you’d be an amazing virtual assistant…if only you had someone to walk you through all of the little details so you didn’t have to waste time learning as well as building.

You have HUGE goals…financial and family…and you truly know you are ready to take this journey but need help getting started.

You own the skills that make an amazing virtual assistant but need a roadmap on getting started and where to find quality clients.

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What Is The VA Mastermind Program?

The VA Mastermind is a strict five week program that covers everything from determining your skill set to discovery calls; profiles to contracts; and marketing to This program is for those who KNOW they want to be virtual assistants and are ready to put in the work to create a quality, organized, ready to receive clients virtual assisting business.


Who is the Program for? 

The program is ONLY for those who know they want to become virtual assistants. This means you have researched what a VA does and how they operate and feel it is the best choice for YOU. 


Benefits of Joining 

  • Limited enrollment so the focus is on YOU and YOUR business
  • Office hours to focus on and walk through any hurdles or accomplishments from the week
  • Focus on building a strong business ~ the right way
  • Fellowship with other budding virtual assistants
  • A Build with You Business so that YOU end up with the business YOU want – not a cookie cutter copy of someone else’s business

Week One

Introduction between group

Meet your accountability partners and cheerleaders for the next 12 weeks

Goal Setting

Let’s get to the nitty gritty deciding what YOUR goals are for your business

Skill Set Determination

Time to dig deep and figure out what your true skills are!

Package Your Services

We will work together to package your services in a cohesive manner so that you know exactly what you have to offer

Determine Pricing

This is the most stressful element for most new business owners and we will work together to form a pricing structure that gets you closer to YOUR goals


Determine what you want your business to feel like when other’s look at your page

Build Profile / Portfolios

Your skills will look amazing as we formulate your portfolio and profiles…including the “about you” copy that NO ONE likes to complete 

Back Office Set Up

The most crucial part of a strong business is a way to sort your leads, follow up with potential clients, organize proposals, contracts and invoices. We will look at all tools and options so that you have a cohesive and smart back office to support your business

Week Three


Better known as sales, quotes, or oh my gosh what do I write? This week will relieve the stress of writing proposals so that you can land those amazing clients!


Every business needs a strong contract for the protection of both the client and the virtual assistant. 

Time Tracking

How the heck do you keep track of all these clients you’re going to have before you know it? 


You’d like to get paid, right? 

Welcome Packets 

Essential for clients to understand how to work with YOU!

Intake Questionnaires

Help figure out exactly what your potential client needs before the discovery call so that both you and the potential client know whether your business is the right one for them.

Discovery Call Prep

You are interviewing the potential client as much as they are interviewing you. By prepping with strong questions you’ll know very quickly whether this is the right match.

Week Four


Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, oh my. What about business cards? Flyers? Mailers? 

Ideal Client Avatars

Who do YOU want to work with? 

Where to Find Clients

Take the stress out of looking for clients because you’ll know exactly where to look…

How to Approach Potential Clients

and what to say.

Scams And How To Avoid Them

Do not get taken advantage of with these pointers on how to identify a scam before you waste your time

Week Five


You may not be able to image the time when you will need to hire help…but you totally will need to plan for it before you need it.

Bank Accounts

Whether you need one and how to get one.

To LLC or Not to LLC

The idea of forming a business or remaining an independent contractor.

Accounting and Tax Prep

This will be covered by a qualified tax professional as a guest speaker. I can only give personal opinions so want to give you all the opportunity to get an idea of how to prepare for taxes and how to complete accounting.