Our Third Week of RockingMama Journeys

Spending time with our kids and connecting with them is so important, as we’ve seen over the last few RockingMama Journeys. We have encouraged our kids and found ways to gently spend time with them.

The goal of this week is to physically do something together. Work together as a family unit to do reach a goal. As a group, a team, a family make something amazing together whether it is a successful game or an amazing project.

RockingMama Journeys #9

Game night! Find your, or your kids, favorite board or card game and play together.

Why a board game? While I have nothing against video games, the point of these journeys is to build or rebuild a connection with your kiddos. A board game forces you to all look at each other.

Our favorite game is Uno because it is simple enough for the littlest to play without the big girls getting bored. If you have a big age range I definitely recommend a game that keeps the interest of all of them.

🤔 Uno
🤔 Connect Four
🤔 Life
🤔 Old Maid (for those with younger kids – although my big girls still play this if asked)
🤔 Guess Who
🤔 Memory

ᴏʟᴅᴇʀ ᴋɪᴅ ꜱᴜɢɢᴇꜱᴛɪᴏɴꜱ
🤔 Monopoly
🤔 Phase 10
🤔 Risk

Journey #10

Cook a meal, snack, dessert, or treat together!

Now that the world is opening back up and summer sports have started finding time to eat together is going to be difficult. So this week chose a day and make it a priority to cooks SOMETHING together.

I’ve always found it super amusing the things I learn about my kids when we attempt to create things as a group.

This past week has been especially hard. The world and circumstances have been hard on a couple of my kiddos so we took the time to connect the best we could. Walking my children through any type of grief, whether it be the death of a loved one or the death of a friendship, has been difficult on my mama heart lately.

📝 Pick an easier recipe that you’ve already cooked
📝 Don’t try a new or fancy recipe unless you feel at the peak of your patience
📝 Start early enough in that you won’t have a kitchen full of hangry people

RockingMama Journeys #11

Do a project together!

There’s nothing better than reading directions and figuring something out together. No sarcasm here at all.

I learn so much about my kids and their decision-making processes and their creativity that it constantly amuses me. One kid is better at physical labor and another is better at determining what the instructions are actually explaining. Together we get through projects like putting together shelves and cleaning rooms with a lot of laughter, a few eye-rolls, and we have a really good time.

What kind of project?

Here are some ideas:
📝 Build a dollhouse out of cardboard boxes
📝 Paint some pictures for a grandparent, co-parent, neighbor, or shut-in
📝 Make a birdhouse
📝 Plant a small garden
📝 Plant flowers
📝 Do the yard work together
📝 Clean a room together, or the house, depending on age

👉 Pick a day nice day if you are doing an outside project
👉 Keep the conversation going while you work together
👉 Give everyone a turn to make a decision
👉 Make sure to keep everyone involved and included by passing the responsibility around