Take a journey with RockingMama

What is this #rockingmamajourney? 

Have you felt a little disconnected from your kids over the last eight months or so? Even though most of us have been asked to stay close to home, it can be easy to disconnect a little bit from the people we spend so much time with. 

I’ve found myself a little aloof, not as connected, stressed more easily, and less patient. I came to the realization that all of these feelings were caused solely by the state of the world, or being asked to change what for us was normal, but because I didn’t feel as connected with my kids as I once was. 

Instead of worry about it or judging myself for letting these relationships fray, I worked on creating little journeys we could take together to firm up our foundations. 

Finding Your Child’s Love Language

Each of my children needs to be loved in different ways. So spending time with one might not work for another who just wants words of affirmation, not quality time.

One of my biggest challenges was discovering HOW my kids heard my love and how they received it. There have been a lot of books written on the subject and, if you have time, almost every author has done an amazing job of pinning down those languages. My favorite is the 5 Love Languages series and you can take a quick quiz to get a general idea of your kid’s love language, by going here

That’s the first step on this journey ~ figuring out which of these journeys will be the most beneficial to you and your child’s relationship. 

Advice and Suggestions

Each of these journeys is small, simple, and inexpensive. Over the next five weeks, I’ll publish, on social media, a journey. I’ll recap each week, at the end of the week, in a blog post for those that prefer to get all their information in one bite  🙂 

Some weeks have only four (this first one for example)  and some have five or six.  For every journey, I’ll also give some helpful (I hope) tips, language, or ideas to help you get through. 

These journeys are supposed to be fun, light, and meaningful at the same time. If you find yourself getting frustrated, stressed, or overwhelmed, just take a day off. Take a deep breath. 

Your kids will know if you are forcing yourself to do these things with them and they will not see them as genuine. You do not want this. Better for you to come back after you’ve had a chance to recharge, than for it not to resonate and re-establish that relationship with your kids. 

Remember to take pictures if your kids are comfortable with that and post them with the #rockingmamajourney so that everyone on this walk with you can gain inspiration and encouragement from each other. 

Most of all, remember, this is a JOURNEY! That means it will take time, effort, and patience. Do not expect changes overnight, in yourself or your kids, and don’t feel bad if things don’t seem to go the way you want at first. Journeys are all about the triumphs and trials, not just the finish line. 

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