Easy Virtual Assistant Services for Beginners to offer

Easy Virtual Assistant Services for Beginners to offer

Virtual assistant projects are everywhere…you just need to look in the right places for them. 

If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times, I believe that Virtual Assistance is the easiest way to earn money from home. 

Starting out doesn’t have to be hard. One of the biggest reasons people don’t get started is because they don’t know which services to offer. Don’t get caught up in thinking you need to specialize or have a niche right away. 

You just have to find the right fit!!!!

Here are some of my favorite Virtual Assistant services that you can offer as a beginner. 

#1 Data Entry

First up is data entry. 

Are you proficient at typing? Can you rock a keyboard? If so, you should add data entry to the list of Virtual Assistant services you can offer. Data entry projects usually require you to enter data into/from already existing systems. In some cases, you might literally be entering data from a stack of papers to a database. 

#2 Email Management

This one is BIG and definitely one of the best virtual assistant services for beginners. Email management is actually one of the first things many clients will handoff in their business.

Can you type well? Can you write a good email response? Can you digitally organize like a boss? 

There are a couple of ways that email management works. 

  • You could be going into your client’s personal inbox and organizing, responding, or filtering emails
  • Or, you could be using a customer service response system to answer customer service emails, such as Streak. 

The list of helpful things you can do in email is really endless. 

#3 Calendar Management

Personal Calendar Management

You could manage a client’s personal calendar. 

This might mean using a calendar management system such as Calendly or Acuity. With these tools, potential clients can book appointments with your client (or even you) without having to go back and forth via email at a good time. Sometimes, you’ll even be responsible for setting appointments within the tool and you would be manually adding a meeting to the calendar. 

You would also send daily recaps and reminders on what appointments they had and which ones are scheduled for the following day. 

Editorial Calendar Management

Calendar management can be more than just setting up personal appointments for a client.

You might be tasked with updating and creating an editorial calendar. These are big-picture calendars that include team schedules, publishing dates, social media content, and blog publishing schedules. 

#4 Facebook Management

You already know how to use Facebook, right? Why not get paid for it? 

Businesses have Facebook, and they need YOU! They need somebody to post content, respond to messages, and respond to comments or questions. You might also be responsible for coming up with content plans. Content plans basically state how often you’ll be posting, what the copy will say, and what graphics or videos will be used. Maybe they already have posts created and you just need to schedule them. 

#5 Facebook Group Management

If you have Facebook skills, you probably haven’t stopped there!

You can offer Facebook Group Management as a service. Groups might be big or small, but no matter the size, they need to be managed. Many clients have groups but just don’t have the time or energy to manage them. As an admin for your client, the goal is to take some of the work off their plate. You can create events for them, engaging posts, process member requests, and let new members in the group. 

#6 Graphics

Do you know Canva

It’s one of my favorites and requires nowhere near the tech skills that Photoshop does. It is a design tool for non-designers and you’ll probably find yourself using it for advertising and marketing purposes in your virtual assistant business as well. Canva also just launched its own content planner tool to design, plan, and schedule social media posts. 


One of the biggest tips to remember is this phrase…”I haven’t used that tool as of yet, but I’m a quick learner.”

What really matters in virtual assisting is that you are able to connect, be reliable, and adapt by learning new skills. Clients will value your ability to roll with the flow more than any other skill you possess. 

So, begin with the skills you already have and get started today!

Want to learn more about getting started as a virtual assistant? Check out The VA BluePrint and get started!

What is virtual assisting and you can get started?

What is virtual assisting and you can get started?

Virtual assisting is an amazing opportunity to create a stable financial outlook, provide freedom to work whatever hours you’d like, and make valuable contributions to businesses. 

But what does a virtual assistant actually do?


The simplest definition of virtual assistants is that they virtually assist businesses with administrative tasks. These tasks vary depending on the business or client. Some common tasks to all businesses include:

  • Email management ~ which is sorting a client’s emails and expediting the emails that need attention for the client
  • Calendar management ~ confirming that the client has their appointments organized and knows where they are supposed to be and when. 
  • Customer service ~ this could mean responding to emails for the client, taking phone messages and responding, or answering questions via a phone call
  • Social Media ~ this one is gaining popularity with virtual assistants as a separate service but some are also including it in their basic service packages. 

Virtual assistants can also complete tasks such as updating blogs, responding to comments on social media, work on processes and flows for the business, and sometimes even manage teams for the client. 

The more specialized the skill set the more the virtual assistant can charge. This means that it really pays off if you decided to specialize in say, bookkeeping. You can sell your services at a much higher rate than a general virtual assistant. 

Virtual assistants are generally independent contractors when they start out. This means that they work for themselves and any companies they work for are their clients. Some virtual assistants start out with a business license and create an LLC immediately before starting to take any clients. Either of these options is completely legitimate and depends on personal preference. 

Pay and Training when virtual assisting

A virtual assistant does not need a virtual assisting certification or any type of official documentation. While no specific education is required you must be able to perform the tasks that a client might need. This means that you should educate yourself on common virtual assisting tasks and continue to educate yourself whenever possible. 

Pay as a virtual assistant varies along with the skillset that you supply as a virtual assistant. A new virtual assistant who has experience in admin tasks could start at $20/hour while a skilled tech virtual assistant could set their pay at $40/hour or more. 

Skills Needed

The skills needed to start out as a virtual assistant are fairly similar to the skills needed to land a traditional job as an administrative assistant. 

  • Organized ~ VAs have to be organized to keep track of not only every client and the tasks do to them but each client’s unique needs
  • Communication ~ Because VAs work remotely communication is one of the most important qualities a virtual assistant needs. You must be willing and able to communicate with the client to determine their needs, set your boundaries, and keep projects flowing smoothly
  • Some Tech Knowledge ~ VAs need to have SOME tech skills or at least be able to run the most commonly used software and applications. 
  • Multi-Tasker ~ VAs must be masters of multi-tasking especially if you want to take on more than one client. 

Becoming a virtual assistant is a big commitment. You commit to yourself, your clients, and your business to be the absolute best you can be every day. Clients will rely on your skills for EVERYTHING. You may not think that organizing an email inbox is saving someone’s sanity ~ but the client who has been staring at 2,000 emails for a month will think you are the best thing since sliced bread. 

Are you ready to become an in-demand, money-making, rockin’ virtual assistant?  

Check out my LEARN section to see more special offers, quick start guides, and information about becoming a virtual assistant! 

Keep dreamin’