Meet Stacey Lehn!

My friend, Stacey Lehn, the frazzled moms go-to, is hosting a free online interview series called “Empowered Mom: How to conquer mom-hood with ease and grace in a world of deadlines, dirty dishes & donuts!” I’m thrilled to one of the over 20 experts interviewed for this amazing event. Gain access to these real, content-rich conversations and learn ways to shift into action to become an empowered mom.This is an amazing opportunity to hear valuable information that will resonate with and move you forward in the pursuit of finding a balance between success and being a rock star mom. I invite you to join me and gain access to this exciting event!

Go here to check it out!

Business As Usual

Becoming a Virtual Assistant is not an overnight, get rich quick, or sometimes very lucrative experience…at first. And sometimes life intrudes – just like in a regular business environment. Here is a quick glimpse of my life experiences from the past week and how I am trying to bounce back –

My two year old caught the flu – it was a miserable experience. She only wanted mommy – so guess who got NO work completed?

The price of owning your own business is that when life intrudes – your business sometimes has to take a backseat. Be prepared – as much as you can be. Have a little money set back, if possible, to cover for losses. Search out long term clients so that you can build a relationship that allows for even more flexibility.

I lost a couple of contracts – which stinks – but that probably would have happened in a traditional business setting as well.

On the plus side – In the last two days I’ve completed 2 document edits for a law firm, conceptualized 3 blog posts and am getting ready to write one more, created 2 Facebook ads – and a brochure.

My point is that luckily, I can rebound from that short term cash flow issue. Which makes being my own boss fantastic.

If you are looking to start your own virtual assisting business – or need a virtual assistant – keep me in mind – because it’s business as usual over here!

Finding the Right Fit – MLM

You’ve made the decision that you need to work from home – either part-time or full-time!

Now what?

Every day my Facebook feed is filled with friends who are working a direct sell or MLM (multi-level marketing) company. The choices are endless. I mean ENDLESS! Any hobby you have – there is probably a MLM company that encourages you to sell it. Here is a quick list of the pro’s and con’s for joining a MLM company. Please keep in mind that I am not bashing the MLM industry at all. I’m a part of one. BUT I believe that everyone should go into this industry with their eyes wide open.

First, all companies are not the same and I’ll review individual ones at a later time. This is just meant as a general overview of how MLM companies work and the pro’s and con’s.

Generally, when you join a MLM company you will have found someone and be joining beneath them as part of their team. This person should be more than willing to answer any questions honestly and fully. If you get the feeling they are less than knowledgeable, you can always request to speak with their “upline” or the person THEY joined under.


  1. Commission! You generally get between 20%-40% from every sale, depending on the company and your “level”.
  2. You learn more about yourself and, for some, it is a chance to get out of their comfort zone.
  3. Building your network so that you can build your business.


  1. Reaching out to family and friends while you build your network can make you feel spammy.
  2. Hidden fees. This includes website fees that are sometimes hidden behind the “sign up for free”.
  3. Building a network so that you can build your business.

Those are just a few of the general pro’s and con’s about entering in to a MLM company. Here are some important things to ask before committing to a company as well.

  1. Always ask about website fees, monthly and yearly quota’s to stay active in the company, if there is a minimum order status, and whether there are any monthly company fees.
  2. Always ask how much you have to sell to get to each level.
  3. Remember that most companies are not a “quick way to get money”.
  4. Read the fine print.

Remember this: ask questions and feel confident before committing to anything.