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Every life goes through a period of change. Lately, mine has been more like the meteor that ended the reign of the dinosaurs than the gentle eons worth of evolution of other species.

The business that I started out with did not end up being my end result. That doesn’t mean I failed. It means that my business went a different direction than what I had planned.

A good business and business person is willing to change and evolve with the ebbs and flows of the world.

I’m proud of where my business is going. I’m proud that I am gaining new followers for my course that will help others live this same dream. I’m proud of the clients I have. I’m proud of my kids for hanging in there with me.

In business, you MUST keep sight of the important and valuable things in life. If you are spending more hours working than spending time with your kids when your entire goal was to be home with your kids – you might need to reevaluate your goals in business.

Doing it Scared

In all avenues of employment – whether working at home, in a traditional office, or even in network marketing – there is a time when you must “do it scared”.

A presentation that is going to net a lot of money – but you have to speak in front of a room full of highly successful and lucrative clients.

A video call with complete strangers that are evaluating your skills and experience for a contract.

A client that you are hoping to land but the competition is stacked against you.

All of these types of situations make you want to just turn around and let someone else do it. They make you feel scared, unworthy, nervous, excited, and a dozen other conflicting emotions. But they all come down to – are you really ready? Can you do this? Are you good enough? Smart enough? Will you respond quickly enough?

Let me introduce you to a girl – she’s 12. She was once told that she couldn’t sing by someone that she trusted, loved, and looked up to. This girl had a TON of other people telling her how beautiful and clear her voice was – but that one person had destroyed her self-confidence with just a few ill placed words.

One day she finally listened and decided to try-out for a part – just one little line – in a church for the Christmas program. It took guts and grit to ignore that one little voice that was telling her that she wasn’t good enough.

Guess what? She got the part.

But that wasn’t the hardest part – the hardest part was getting up there and singing in front of all those people and fighting the volume of that little voice still nagging her.

She did it. She did it scared – but she did it.

How many times and things have you walked away from because of a little voice? Sometimes our greatest victories are on the other side of our greatest fears and those moments are the ones that make all of the difference.