The benefit to refusing to make a New Year’s resolution

The benefit to having no New Year’s Resolution this year…

It’s that time of year again…seems to come every year about this time…the New Year

Social media is full of that wonderful and terrible question…

What’s your New Year’s resolution? 

I don’t remember if there was a time in which I made any type of resolution at the beginning of the new year but I’m fairly certain that I never kept one. 

Why do we make New Year’s Resolutions? What’s the benefit of NOT making them? And what can we do instead? 

Why do we do the New Year’s resolution anyway?

New Year’s resolutions are probably beneficial to someone out there. But over 90% of people do not keep their resolutions. That’s right, only 10% of people who make them, actually keep them. 

And I can see some benefits to saying,

“I’m going to do x by y to get to z”

It’s awesome to have goals, right? What could possibly go wrong with setting a goal and sticking to it? Especially at the start of a squeaky clean new year? 

The Benefits of Ditching the New Year Resolution

Any moms out there know what their state of mind is currently. We are exhausted, burnt out, and pretty much ready to sign off for the weekend…on any given day of the week. 

These past two years we have guided our children through isolation, virtual learning, virus eliminating protocols, and, even worse, the loss of loved ones. 

Seems like the perfect time to set some big-ass goal, right? 

Nope. Not here. I’ve taken an almost two-month break from posting consistently on social media, spent time with my girls, and have tried to find a good balance in this new normal of life. I can honestly say that any resolution I spit out right now will be half-hearted and completely meaningless. 

And let’s talk about the pressure!

When you announce on some friends post that you are ditching negative thoughts – will you really feel open about also talking about when you feel down because you’ve failed? 

Or claiming that this is your year to travel! But all the travel restrictions make the world look less than shiny and you feel like you’ve let yourself and your family down because you couldn’t do the amazing trips you’d anticipated.

Maybe you’re a business owner and throw the resolution of meeting some huge goal, earning a large amount of money, some awesome new course out there…and when it doesn’t materialize feel imposter syndrome to the max. 

You feel like the whole world is watching, holding their breath to see all of the amazingness that is coming your way during the year and any hint of failure will make you feel even more depleted and frustrated than before. News flash, I’m pretty sure the only person that remembers your resolution will be yourself, but that’s bad enough sometimes. 

But things happen. Life happens. Random endless pandemics tend to derail even the most well-thought-out plans. 

What we can do instead of making new years resolutions

I mean, it is a sparkling new, amazing year, right? We want to mark it with SOMETHING! So I’m offering you a new way to honor the New Year. 

This year, I’m not setting up resolutions. I am…

  • Creating a vision board of things I’d like to happen this year.
  • Thinking of all the things I am going to leave behind from last year
  • Remembering the positive things I’ve learned from last year and making it a priority to carry those lessons into next year. 
  • Focusing on building Business From Home Mom’s audience
  • Help other moms learn virtual assisting, and freelancing in general, to change their lives

I’m reframing resolutions into ideas that are pleasing to me, that I can conquer in little bits and those that won’t make me feel completely disappointed if I can’t complete something. And, this is very important, these are all things that I can control no matter what is going on in the world or in my house. 

So this year, tackle the New Year with joy, no-pressure ideas that make you feel good about life, the world, and in general.

And most importantly, keep dreamin’


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