You’re ready to start your virtual assistant business ~ Congrats!

But…where do you start?

I offer three different ways to get your hands on some type of virtual assistant training. Each section below shows a different option that you’ll find can fit any budget! Dream on’



VA Blue Print Options

The VA BluePrint

The VA Blue Print is an intensive multi-day course that you can work through at your own pace. This is our premium course that will give you that extra hand holding you might need as a beginner. We want to see you succeed!

You will learn:

  • How to uncover your skill set and niche
  • Where to find clients and your ideal client
  • How to write proposals, contracts, and quotes
  • What to price yourself and the difference between hourly, retainer, and project based pricing
  • How to develop a profile
  • Build an amazing, attention getting Facebook page and pitch sheet
  • Templates for contracts, proposals, service package, and profiles


VA Mastermind Paid Mentoring Program

In a paid mentoring program we work together to get your virtual assistant or freelance business started.

The VA Mastermind Paid Mentoring Progam encompasses the following: 

  • Full VA BluePrint Course includes the Learning Guide and step-by-step detailed guide through the Course
  • Feedback on all submitted work
  • Weekly 1-hour progress calls for 3 months
  • Responsive daily communication (as needed)
  • Templates ~ Proposals, Contracts, Social Media, Branding, Profiles
  • We work together to build your business over a three month period

Check out all of the paid mentoring programs offered and if you have any questions book a free consultation call to see if one of the mentoring programs is right for you.


VA BluePrint Learning Guide

Choose this version of the VA BluePrint if you’d prefer to only have the Learning Guide with no video guidance, feedback on guide pages, or paid mentoring. In this Learning Guide you will:
  • Learn to identify your ideal client
  • Learn where to find clients
  • How to write proposals
  • Build out the perfect contract for YOUR business
  • Learn how to build out your services packages and set your rates
  • Figure out what to charge
  • Determine the best client for your business



200 Ways to Make Money During Naptime

This collection of projects, part-time work, freelance, and business ideas will get you started on the right track and open your mind to the hundreds of options out there to work from home!

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Virtual Assisting 101

What is a virtual assistant? Can you really make money working from home as a virtual assistant? What do I need to know to start virtual assisting? 

If you have questions like those – check out this webinar that answers all of those!

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