The end of the journey – together

We’ve concluded RockingMama Journeys together but we have not ended the story. Taking what you have learned about yourself and your kids will keep you focused on a strong relationship for years to come.

This week we tackled having pride and celebrating who our kids are.

Journey #17journey 17

Use the time in your car for a good conversation.

Summer activities are in full swing. We’ve got swimming, ball games, vacations, and family time planned. That means a lot of time in the car.

I love chatting with my kids when I’m driving. When we aren’t staring at each other so many things come out and real quality conversations happen.

So today, chat with your kids while you are driving them to one of their millions of activities, to the store, or on the way to church.

πŸ“ Don’t try to get too serious on short car rides
πŸ“ Keep it casual and loose; ask open-ended questions
πŸ“ Save serious questions for longer car rides or if there are tears…

Journey #18journey 18

Give time, money, or attention to something that your child is passionate about.

What is your kiddo enthralled with? What makes their eyes shine and their souls sparkle?

Today, take some time to think about how you can invest something in that thing that your kiddo loves.

Sometimes, and we all do this, we hear so much about their favorite Minion, sport, or animal so much that it’s nauseating. But that thing that they are so passionate about might change and we’ll all miss the conversations about unicorns and rainbows or the pitching in the game.

πŸ“ Something as simple as a conversation and you listening to them talks about their passion counts
πŸ“ Ask your child what they need to feel supported in their passion.
πŸ“ Be creative. Surprise them with something they need for their favorite thing.

Journey #19

Go outside together!

It’s a beautiful day so make it a priority to go outside together, as a family. Enjoy the sunshine, play a game, and connect in the fresh air.

πŸ“Take a walk so that you can all chat while walking
πŸ“ Play an outside game that everyone enjoys
πŸ“ Even sitting on the porch before bedtime counts

Journey #20journey 19

Pick up their favorite treat and celebrate!

Do you ever celebrate with your kiddos on a random day of the week? If not, make today the first of an amazing tradition.

If you’ve been following along all these weeks – this is it! The end of the road! The lastΒ #rockingmamajourneyΒ …for now…

So grab that special treat and celebrate even if no one else knows why you are celebrating πŸ₯°

πŸ“ Pick a treat that you rarely treat your kids to – make it special!
πŸ“ Make a big deal out of the kids for this treat – they may not understand but you all deserve a treat!