The VA Quick Start Guide

Use this short but comprehensive and affordable guide to get your virtual assisting business off to the right start.

The Upwork Quick Start Guide

Feel lost on Upwork? This guide helps you establish yourself as a valuable freelancer, teaches you the tricks of the trade, and helps you find quality projects ~ all for an affordable price.

Would you benefit more from a full “done with you” type course?

The VA Blue Print 

This intensive course comes with a 33 page learning tool, access to weekly office hours and the option to join a subscription group where new tools and training are done weekly. 

This course helps you: 

Discover the skills that you already posses that will have clients lining up to work with you.

Build an amazing profile, Facebook page, pitch sheet.

Niche down by determing your ideal client.

Contract, Proposal, Services and Packages templates for your use.






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