Finding Balance

Working from home is NOT sleeping all day and watching Netflix. Working from home is WORK.

The above is one of the hardest hurdles that many freelancers have to overcome when first starting out. And it’s not because freelancers feel this way, but because the perception of a freelance worker is sometimes skewed by others.

Finding a work and home life balance when your work is in your home is a common challenge. Others expect you to be able to run errands, pop out for lunch, or drop everything for a chat. 

It’s important that when you decided to work from home you set clear boundaries to others about when you are available. This is doubly true if you are also a stay at home parent. When chasing after a toddler, time is limited and you MUST make the most of your work hours.

Being clear about how often your available and which hours work for you will cause less stress when deadlines loom.

Finding the Right Fit – MLM

You’ve made the decision that you need to work from home – either part-time or full-time!

Now what?

Every day my Facebook feed is filled with friends who are working a direct sell or MLM (multi-level marketing) company. The choices are endless. I mean ENDLESS! Any hobby you have – there is probably a MLM company that encourages you to sell it. Here is a quick list of the pro’s and con’s for joining a MLM company. Please keep in mind that I am not bashing the MLM industry at all. I’m a part of one. BUT I believe that everyone should go into this industry with their eyes wide open.

First, all companies are not the same and I’ll review individual ones at a later time. This is just meant as a general overview of how MLM companies work and the pro’s and con’s.

Generally, when you join a MLM company you will have found someone and be joining beneath them as part of their team. This person should be more than willing to answer any questions honestly and fully. If you get the feeling they are less than knowledgeable, you can always request to speak with their “upline” or the person THEY joined under.


  1. Commission! You generally get between 20%-40% from every sale, depending on the company and your “level”.
  2. You learn more about yourself and, for some, it is a chance to get out of their comfort zone.
  3. Building your network so that you can build your business.


  1. Reaching out to family and friends while you build your network can make you feel spammy.
  2. Hidden fees. This includes website fees that are sometimes hidden behind the “sign up for free”.
  3. Building a network so that you can build your business.

Those are just a few of the general pro’s and con’s about entering in to a MLM company. Here are some important things to ask before committing to a company as well.

  1. Always ask about website fees, monthly and yearly quota’s to stay active in the company, if there is a minimum order status, and whether there are any monthly company fees.
  2. Always ask how much you have to sell to get to each level.
  3. Remember that most companies are not a “quick way to get money”.
  4. Read the fine print.

Remember this: ask questions and feel confident before committing to anything.

Working from Home – Breaking the Mold

Fed up with the 9 to 5? Have a full-time job but need more income and can’t find the time for a second job? Really want to start your own business but no idea where to start? What to start? Want to create a lifestyle for yourself that doesn’t include working to someone else’s schedule? Trying to decide between MLM, Direct Selling, or a Freelancer career?


Freelance workers and work from home jobs have broken the mold in the last years – it’s a complete lifestyle change that many people don’t understand or have a lot of respect for.


I’m offering the facts of being a digital nomad, work from home mom or dad, creating a laptop lifestyle; whatever you would like to call it.


Questions about where to start, how to start, when to get started, what to do and not to do; all of these little nagging doubts and how to conquer them.


That’s what I’m here for.