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Meet Stacey Lehn!

My friend, Stacey Lehn, the frazzled moms go-to, is hosting a free online interview series called “Empowered Mom: How to conquer mom-hood with ease and grace in a world of deadlines, dirty dishes & donuts!” I’m thrilled to one of the over 20 experts interviewed for this amazing event. Gain access to these real, content-rich conversations and learn ways to shift into action to become an empowered mom.This is an amazing opportunity to hear valuable information that will resonate with and move you forward in the pursuit of finding a balance between success and being a rock star mom. I invite you to join me and gain access to this exciting event!

Go here to check it out!

Work from Home


Every life goes through a period of change. Lately, mine has been more like the meteor that ended the reign of the dinosaurs than the gentle eons worth of evolution of other species.

The business that I started out with did not end up being my end result. That doesn’t mean I failed. It means that my business went a different direction than what I had planned.

A good business and business person is willing to change and evolve with the ebbs and flows of the world.

I’m proud of where my business is going. I’m proud that I am gaining new followers for my course that will help others live this same dream. I’m proud of the clients I have. I’m proud of my kids for hanging in there with me.

In business, you MUST keep sight of the important and valuable things in life. If you are spending more hours working than spending time with your kids when your entire goal was to be home with your kids – you might need to reevaluate your goals in business.

Work from Home

Business As Usual

Becoming a Virtual Assistant is not an overnight, get rich quick, or sometimes very lucrative experience…at first. And sometimes life intrudes – just like in a regular business environment. Here is a quick glimpse of my life experiences from the past week and how I am trying to bounce back –

My two year old caught the flu – it was a miserable experience. She only wanted mommy – so guess who got NO work completed?

The price of owning your own business is that when life intrudes – your business sometimes has to take a backseat. Be prepared – as much as you can be. Have a little money set back, if possible, to cover for losses. Search out long term clients so that you can build a relationship that allows for even more flexibility.

I lost a couple of contracts – which stinks – but that probably would have happened in a traditional business setting as well.

On the plus side – In the last two days I’ve completed 2 document edits for a law firm, conceptualized 3 blog posts and am getting ready to write one more, created 2 Facebook ads – and a brochure.

My point is that luckily, I can rebound from that short term cash flow issue. Which makes being my own boss fantastic.

If you are looking to start your own virtual assisting business – or need a virtual assistant – keep me in mind – because it’s business as usual over here!

Work from Home

I want to work from home but…

Deciding to work from home as a virtual assistant is not an easy decision. There is a lot of uncertainty, doubt, and competition. Where to start? How much to charge? What platform to use to promote?

The best decisions start with a plan.

Find a niche. Any niche. Data entry expert? Administrative help? WordPress guru? Name the number one skill that is most marketable and make it a priority to advertise that skill.

Share with friends and family. No one will hire you if they don’t know you are working!

Offer trades to get reviews. Offer some free or discount services in order get reviews to whichever platform used. Small businesses always need help and the more advertising that is out there the better the chance of your name being mentioned.

Do not be afraid to ask for help – find a forum. Freelancing forums are all over Facebook. Find one, join it, get involved. Information will be easy to come by and you will find others who started the same way you are.

Do not lose hope! Even the best businesses start at ground zero!