My Story


I’m an anti-mom boss, sometimes hippie, hot mess express, mom to three girls, somewhat exhausted business owner.

RockingMama Virtual Assisting is the business I created about five years ago. This was a last-ditch effort to use my numerous skills to build a business that could support my family while being able to spend time with my kids after circumstances took my job security away.

I am also a single mom, caregiver to my father, mostly deaf, and intuitively introverted.

I don’t always play well with others, read voraciously, love history, especially genealogy, and I think science is super cool.

Fitting in and fitting into a mold has never been something I was particularly skilled with.

I absolutely adore being a mother, business owner, and daughter.

I heard numerous times that I could not be a single mom and work from home successfully. There was no security, healthcare coverage, stability, and the list went on and on.

I had no CLUE that my first few projects would lead to this amazing lifestyle.

While supporting my family – that’s right supporting my family – with my earnings as a virtual assistant I realized that I have the capacity to train, support, and encourage others to do what I am doing.

Hence, Business From Home Mom was born!