A Look at the new Business From Home Mom


This year past year. 


So I’ve seen a disturbing trend popping up on social media and other places. 

The Trend

This trend includes put-together, pretty-looking business owners talking about how challenging their day and business have been since the pandemic. They show off how successful they are now, how they can show you to make 10K months, they talk tough, and they give you just enough of a look behind the curtain to make you drool. 

Rebuilding the Business

My new goal with Business From Home Mom is to give you a real look at rebuilding a business that has had a rough year. Rebuilding a family that has had a rough year. And generally rebuilding myself…because I’ve had a rough year. 

The VA BluePrint, Quick Start Guides, and freebies will be available forever, of course. But I’ve decided to step away from the commitment of a group and instead have started offering paid mentoring. I don’t like the word coach – it makes me think of football – so I’m calling myself a paid mentor. 

Starting this week, you’ll be getting a real glimpse of the good, bad, and really ugly of my business, life, and work-life balance. You’ll see me glamorous and not so glamorous, with my face on and with no face on, jeans, and business attire. 

But I feel like if you are going to make a decision about starting a business you need to see what really can happen after a year with no childcare, very little support, no money, and more stress than this mom knew what to do with. 

You’ll also see the good times. And keep an eye out for the RockingMama Journey so you can come along as I work on firming good relationships with my kids. 

I’m excited about this new direction. I think great things are coming for all of us and I’m glad you’re coming on the road with me.