5 Reasons Virtual Assisting is an amazing opportunity

Why is virtual assisting such an amazing opportunity? Why do I recommend it to anyone who needs to work from home? 

I recommend virtual assisting for anyone who needs to make an income from home in a more non-traditional way because it’s so versatile. I’ve met so many women who have at least one marketable skill that can be applied to virtual assisting. 

While I’ve shifted a substantial amount of time to paid mentoring, I still enjoy the challenge of client work. 

Virtual assisting allows me the opportunity to work with whomever I want

When you meet an awesome business owner who has a passion for their product YOU get to choose to work with them. As a virtual assistant working with a business owner, you get to help a company that aligns with your values become profitable and successful. 

You also get to choose to NOT work with business owners who don’t share your values and morals. VAs can walk away from clients who seem to be unfit to work with you. 

Truly make your own hours and set your own pay virtual assisting

I see a lot of advertising that pushes the idea of working whenever you want and making your own pay as a selling point for whatever business model this person is selling. 

With virtual assisting you can truly make your own hours. You decide what hours you are available to work. This doesn’t mean that money simply flows into the bank account. But it does mean that you can choose when you are completing the work. 

Setting your own rates based on your experience and skills is a definite benefit.

Work with amazing clients from all over the world.

One unexpected benefit that I uncovered as a virtual assistant was the ability to work with clients from all over the world. 

Working with clients in other states and countries brings an amazing richness to your business. It’s adventurous and amazing to meet people, no matter how that happens. Building relationships across state lines and blue oceans brings richness to your business life. 

Work from anywhere (with an internet connection)

The freedom to really work from any location is an amazing perk of becoming a virtual assistant. 

I love the ability to take my kids on vacation without having to worry about getting permission to leave work or finding coverage. That’s not to say I work on vacations but the option to take the kids out for even a long weekend is one of my biggest perks of virtual assisting.

Every skill you have is marketable as a virtual assistant

Whether you are skilled at customer service, managing a household, or a general office person you have the ability to get started as a virtual assistant. 

Everyone that has approached me about getting started as a virtual assistant has been surprised to discover that skills they already possess are marketable. What is usually lacking is confidence in those skills making them money. 

One of the biggest goals of my starting mentoring new virtual assistants is to help them find that marketable skill, have the confidence to sell it, and watch them take on client after client. 

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If you are thinking to yourself…how do I get in on this…check my programs or reach out today!