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How to Get Started On UpWork

Virtual employees are making up an increasing amount of the workforce. It is a tempting advantage for many people tired of the 9-5 grind and ready to strike out on their own. Every year over 1 billion dollars of work is completed through UpWork.

When searching and starting a freelance lifestyle there are good and bad points to every type of website that offers employment.

Getting started on UpWork is incredibly easy for the beginner. There are no fees that need to be paid to open an account and the only information needed is an email address.

After setting up your account follow these steps and advice to succeed:

  1. Set up your profile and upload a profile picture – clients are more likely to search you out if they can see your face.
  2. List all skills you have – do not skip out on any wording. Data entry, customer service, content editing – describe every skill and program. This makes your profile more complete and easily searchable by clients.

Applying for projects:

  1. Only apply for projects with clients that are listed as “payment verified” – verifying payment methods is one way that UpWork eliminates less than honest clients.
  2. Cover letters – get to the point quickly. Use as few sentences as possible to highlight your skills and express your interest in the project. Highlight other projects or jobs that you have held that relate to the project you are applying for.
  3. Understand that you may need to take some lower paying projects in order to build your reputation and “UpWork hours”. You can charge more once clients start rating and more hours are worked.
  4. Always respond to invitations – even if the job is above or below your skill set. This keeps your job rating high because you communicate. And a client always appreciates hearing back from an invitation and will probably keep you in mind for future projects closer to your skill set.
  5. Read the entire job posting – some clients request only freelances with a certain number of hours or certain skills. If you have less than the requested number of hours then the client would like they won’t even see your proposal.
  6. Every month a freelancer receives 60 “connects” or allowances to propose for a project – most projects require 2 connects so you will be able to apply for 30 projects a month without upgrading to a premium package.

Got the job?:

  1. Download the UpWork time tracker to your desktop. This allows you track your time without having to sign into UpWork every time. Most clients will want to pay you hourly – so it is very important that all time is logged. UpWork only guarantees payment on time tracked through the time tracker.
  2. Keep communication open. If you don’t understand an aspect of the project – ask.
  3. Clearly communicate if you are not going to complete a part of the project. Clients will appreciate that you were open and honest about missed deadlines.

Keep in mind:

  1. UpWork charges a service fee. This fee equals 20% of your earnings for the first 50 hours and then tiers down based on hours. Some people don’t like this aspect but you are also not paying a monthly fee to search and apply to jobs.
  2. UpWork does have a premium membership available which costs a small monthly fee. A freelancer then receives rollover on connects and 60 extra connects as well.

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