Finding Balance

Working from home is NOT sleeping all day and watching Netflix. Working from home is WORK.

The above is one of the hardest hurdles that many freelancers have to overcome when first starting out. And it’s not because freelancers feel this way, but because the perception of a freelance worker is sometimes skewed by others.

Finding a work and home life balance when your work is in your home is a common challenge. Others expect you to be able to run errands, pop out for lunch, or drop everything for a chat. 

It’s important that when you decided to work from home you set clear boundaries to others about when you are available. This is doubly true if you are also a stay at home parent. When chasing after a toddler, time is limited and you MUST make the most of your work hours.

Being clear about how often your available and which hours work for you will cause less stress when deadlines loom.

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