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My journey from corporate America to owning my own business as a single mom has been an interesting study in intestinal fortitude.

In the years since starting my business, I’ve noticed a trend in coaches and mentors. This trend was one of the promising 10K businesses in no time. There was no talk of the “real-life” challenges on any of these pages that promised wealth to moms who want a new, better, more fulfilling life.

Building my business affected other areas of my life such as my connection with my kids. Being a single mom has unique challenges and adding a freelance business can make spending quality time with my girls difficult but not impossible.

Pre-pandemic, I was happily building my business, rented an office, had childcare, and things were better than ever…

But the world shut down.

And business went to well…


I’m inviting you on the journey to build a business, part-time side gig, project work, whatever you’d like to call it. Let’s look at the nitty-gritty and build a business that is right for YOU.


Virtual Assistant Paid Mentoring

What is Paid Mentoring and how will it help you? 

The VA BluePrint Mastermind Paid Mentoring Program’s purpose is to help you create a virtual assistant business that works for YOU. 

This is not a cookie-cutter program that asks you to recreate a business that is a copy of mine. Or a copy of anyone else’s virtual assistant business. We work together to create a business that is uniquely yours and works with your lifestyle and boundaries.

It can be challenging to compile all of the information, understand what systems and processes you need, and how to apply your new knowledge to finding clients.

A successful business starts with a great blueprint, an understanding of what it takes to build your business, and the information out there can sometimes be overwhelming.

Together we cut through the noise, work out your best skills to put forward to potential clients, and have your contracts and proposals prepared so that you stand out among others.

 You can check out the available packages by clicking the button below.

The VA BluePrint gave me the information that was lacking in much more expensive courses that I’ve purchased. Heather was great at helping me organize my entire life so that I could be successful if I put in the work. Thank you so much!

McKenzie A

Working with Heather completely changed my perspective on freelancing. We were able to build a virtual assisting business that fit in with my life and I love waking up every day to what is now MY business.

Kayla B.

I never thought that I had any marketable skills or the ability to work from home until I took the VA BluePrint. The knowledge and support were amazing.

Marcie B

I’m Heather

I’m an anti-mom boss, sometimes hippie, hot mess express, mom to three girls, somewhat exhausted business owner.

RockingMama Virtual Assisting is the business I created about five years ago. This was a last-ditch effort to use my numerous skills to build a business that could support my family while being able to spend time with my kids.

I am also a single mom, caregiver to my father, mostly deaf, and intuitively introverted.

I don’t always play well with others, read voraciously, love history, especially genealogy, and I think science is super cool.

Fitting in and fitting into a mold has never been something I was particularly skilled with.

I absolutely adore being a mother, business owner, and daughter.