My Story


I was a single mom to three gorgeous girls and I felt like I was missing out on just about everything that had to do with their lives. I wanted vacations, to sign them up for sports, and the TIME to spend with them. It was an ache in my heart that I felt I needed to work twice as hard, and long, yet never get ahead – simply because I couldn’t set my own hours and wages.¬†

I started my journey in freelancing as a virtual assistant when circumstances took my job security away.

I heard numerous times that I could not be a single mom and work from home successfully. There was no security, healthcare coverage, stability, and the list went on and on.

I had no CLUE that my first few projects would lead to this amazing lifestyle.

While supporting my family – that’s right supporting my family – with my earnings as a virtual assistant I realized that I have the capacity to train, support, and encourage others to do what I am doing.

Hence, Business From Home Mom was born!

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